Monday, December 14, 2009

Wiz's Wonderful Weekend Workshop

I conducted a one on one weekend workshop for a fellow network marketer. We locked ourselves in for 2 days and got in action. Here's the nuts and bolts of the information. (I charge for these workshops - you are receiving it free. Merry Christmas.)

I propose that:
  • you know what you need to know
  • you know how to find out what you don't know
  • it's no big deal

What if you looked at what you do as an opportunity to create possibilities for you clients?

You believe in your product/opportunity/business/skills. If you don't, stop reading now and go find something you do believe in.

Your client maybe believes, maybe wants to believe, maybe has forgotten how to believe, maybe doesn't trust themselves to believe.

Believe in them, for them. Until they learn how to believe in themselves.

Your job? Create possibilities for your clients. Remember, you know what you need to know (or to find out what you don't). This is no big deal.

Stop stressing and get to work. Go out and create possibilities for people.

Thanks for the read! How much poison is in your house?


Sara A Broers said...

Great reminders here- going to check out more of your blog.

Deb Brown said...

Thanks Sara - glad to have you visit and always appreciate a comment. Enjoy your stay!