Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Month 0 of Year 2010

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Happy New Year!

Today is month zero of 2010. This year, we have 13 months. I'm spending this first month of the new year preparing, planning and acting for the new year.

Instead of wondering why December is so hard for network marketers, pulling teeth to have people look at my business presentation, complaining to my partners -- I'll be the happy one making preparations for 2010.

I'll still be giving presentations, sharing the wonderful news of safer, better, affordable products. I'll still be showing people how to earn extra income right from home. And .... I'll be working on my plan for all of 2010.

About.com gave some great advice to career planning for those challenged at mid-life. I'll be looking for those individuals who may have these traits:

Their work has little connection to the things they really care about. Work is a barrier rather than a path to fulfillment.

While they may be doing something they’re good at, it isn’t something they want to do.

They have never made a long-term plan to guide them toward a more fulfilling vocational life.
They tend to set short-term goals, or set no goals at all.

As they reach mid-life and understand the need for meaning, they turn to their current workplace as a source of what’s missing. . and don't find it.

Do you see yourself in any of those statements?

Most of us are in a position where we can't just walk away from a job. We're scared - where will the money come from? How will I pay bills? We were taught you don't leave one job before you have another job.

I thought that way too. Still do. There's a difference for me though. I looked at a business I could start in my own home, right around what I was doing for a job.

Did it mean I worked a little harder for myself? Did it mean I had to sacrifice some of my favorite tv shows? Did it mean I had to step out of my comfort zone? You betcha.

Let me tell what my work looks like now. I was able to start my own networked communications business. I help businesses start on the social media path. I speak to groups of people who want to know how to build community. I love what I do! I am a representative for a wellness manufacturing company. I introduce people to the company and get paid for those referrals. I also volunteer at the Historical Society, take care of my elderly parents and write.

I'm able to work in my field of interests, because I took the time to look at a business that allows me to do other things. In fact, encourages me to do the things that move me. A company that

  • doesn't want me to leave my work, that believes in being fiscally responsible.
  • that offers work that means something, the chance to change people's lives.
  • A business that allows me to follow my own heart,
  • wants me to set long term goals,
  • demands I have a vision bigger than myself.

Does your work provide that for you?

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Troy Worman said...

Great post. Kudos and congrats!

Deb Brown said...

Thanks Troy -- it's making ending the year and beginning the next a little smoother for you.

Deb Brown said...
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