Thursday, December 3, 2009

Social Media Morning

This morning I read an article in Entrepreneur that featured my friend Becky McCray. I had a conversation with a lawyer friend, Grant, about the service we receive from retail establishments, and how nice it would be if that service extended throughout the year. A lively conversation about hope - and whether it is evil and destructive or not - ensued after reading a blog post by another friend, Stephen.

I found out that Denise who just had cancer surgery is doing well and will need shots for the rest of her life. Deanne told me she has enough decorations for all the cars in the lighted parade tonight. Kerri is loading baby pigs and needs some sleep. My neice in Colorado is apparently moving back East after the baby is born. And merrybee's has sold out of tickets for the Historical Tour - and needs more.

All of this happened in the time span of half an hour. I didn't pick up the phone and talk to anyone -- I sat down at my computer.

Twitter is a source of news and discussion for me. My day begins with a cup of coffee, Melaleuca meal replacement bar and my computer. I catch up with my friends with news, what they are writing about, what plans they have for the day - and if they need my help. That's twitter for me.

Then I wander over to facebook to see who is doing what today and who did what yesterday. Facebook is my local source of news that I can use.

I tell you, social media is so much more interactive, quicker, useful and fun than the old media used to be.

How are you using it?

picture of Becky McCray taken from the Entrepreneur article found here -- I suggest you read it! This blog post is NOT a paid for post by anyone - it is my opinion only. Many thanks to Entrepreneur for talking about things that matter.

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Sincerely, Jenni said...

I'm using Twitter to network with other 30-somethings in Central Iowa. Just starting out, but I am finding out a lot more about groups and organizations in my area that I never knew existed!

Old Stone House - 1854 said...

I'm glad you are finding a network right here in Iowa! That is the beauty of social media - people come out and share their info.
Keep me updated on whats going on in Central Iowa, will you?

Stephen said...

Hi Deb, thanks for the discussion yesterday, I do exactly the same thing in the morning to get caught up. My lovely bride turns on the TV for news and weather, but all they seem to want to talk about is Tiger Woods and some car accident...

Deb Brown said...

Thanks for coming by Stephen - and yeah, I'm pretty tired of the whole Tiger thing as well. It was a good conversation yesterday! That is the beauty of social media - a boy from the East Coast and a girl from the Midwest can have a civil discourse on hope. Love it!