Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tips For Exercise

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I work at a desk, by a phone, near the tv. I listen to music in the background most of the day, sitting at my computer and talking on the phone. Once and awhile I get up and walk to the bathroom or the kitchen. Sometimes I go outside and see that everything is ok on the farm.

I don't exercise enough. I know that in my head. I'm a little adverse to the word exercise frankly. It sounds too much like work. There's no immediate gratification in it. Boring.

This week I am helping my husband at his job. He's a merchandiser. We are doing a freshness audit of beverages. In great big stores like Walmart and Meijer. We have to find every single Coke and Pepsi product in the store and write down information. We have to walk all over the place. For at least 8 hours a day. Exercise.

I'm tired. Out of shape. Have sore muscles. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. I have slept really good this week. I'm spending some serious one on one time with the hubby. My leg muscles are starting to tone up (yeah, in three days).

I'm working on my 2010 plan. There was no exercise in the plan. That is changing. I ought to be able to dedicate one hour a day to my health. Now I'm looking for ideas on how to make exercise fun. I do like walking - and that will be on the plan starting in spring. Winter in Iowa on the farm is brutal - there are no leisurely walks. There's no mall I can go to that is closer than 40 miles away. A treadmill is not on my list of things to buy right away.

Any suggestions?

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irishis said...

Find something fun to do. Buy a Wii system for yourself for Christmas then ask for Wii Fit or even better Wii EA Sports Active. I've really started to enjoy exercising thanks to these. I too spend all day sitting at a computer. Good luck, I've actually gotten to the point where I look forward to the sore muscles and exercise 5 days a week, that would not have been me 6 months ago.

Independent Watkins Associate Denise said...

While I have been home with no place to walk I go up and down my stair steps several times a day. Go down to your basement several times a day and increase it. You will be surprised.

Deb Brown said...

irishis and Denise - great ideas!
So the wii is not in my quick budget - so it looks like its the basement steps for me in January! The Wii is a great goal for my Melaleuca sales.
thanks ladies -I will keep you posted.

Jody said...

I was also going to suggest the Wii and EA Sports Active. The great thing about EA Sports Active is that you can customize your workouts to begin easy and get more difficult. It's quite nice to use.

Deb Brown said...

Thanks Jody -
I'm putting the Wii on my wish list/dream board! I think that is the way for me to go. You guys rock!