Monday, December 21, 2009

20 Items on My Dream Board

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Do you have a dream board? I like to think of it as my Christmas wish list - and I can celebrate year round.

My dream board is more than just a dream. It's a visualization of the things I want. Its' something I look at every day and say "this is why I do this work."

Here's some things I'm working towards.

  • 4 new clients a month for my Melaleuca business
  • 3 new clients a month for Debworks
  • upgrade blog to Wordpress
  • notebook computer for the road
  • flip
  • video editing software and a trainer to teach me
  • Droid
  • Mac desktop
  • attend SobCon, SXSW
  • speak at 6 events this year

  • Wii and assorted games
  • a trip to Antiparos
  • a trip to Paris
  • take my mom for a spa w/e
  • new clothes (cause mine are too big)
  • complete homeopathic treatment and be well
  • new car for me paid off
  • tweet ups with friends I've made online
  • ipod and an itunes account
  • new lawn furniture

What's wrong with these lists? Can you really "see" what I want? The perfect thing to have on your dream board is an actual picture of your items. See it, achieve it.

Genius is just attention to a subject. It is just attention to something specific. That's all it is. Law of Attraction makes it happen, and so anyone who gives attention to any subject for a period of time will evolve in the direction of that understanding.
- Abraham-Hicks

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