Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 The Year of Living Into Our Greatness

008/365: Breakfast Club Take Action Bee-HappyImage by onelastsunrise via Flickr

I propose:
we know fear
we know delay
we know anxiety
we know excuses

There is no longer a need to keep practicing. We already know how to do these things.

I propose:
that we are already great
that we know all we need to know
that if we don't, we know how to get the answers
that the only thing stopping us, is us.

2010 is the year of living into our greatness.

Shut up, stop whining, stop with the excuses.

Take action. Start early - I have.

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Todd Jordan - tojosan said...

Rock on!
Great set of assertions. Should be daily refreshed.

Deb Brown said...

I agree Todd -- and I am already living into my greatness. Thanks for stopping by.