Thursday, December 10, 2009

How's Your Health?

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How's your health?

We social media network marketing types (and frankly, that's most of us in network marketing) spend a lot of time running around. We start early in the day checking our online accounts, answering emails, setting up appointments. Some of us go to work for 8 hours. Night involves appointments, in homes, phone calls, trainings and you're often up until midnight.

There's a lot of things you have no control over. How many people answer the phone, how many people stand you up, how many emails go unanswered. These are all things you're prepared for: it's just the law of numbers. 100 phone calls, 40 answer, 20 make appointments, 10 show up, 2 enroll.

Let's get back to; how's your health?

Dedication is a wonderful thing. Put in the hours, do the legwork, build the business.

I propose you be just as dedicated about your health. Take your vitamins, eat regular meals with light snacks in between, get enough sleep. Those rules are easy too.

It's the gray areas that are worth exploring. I have spent this week sick on the couch. It started last Friday - but I had to be well enough to be outside all weekend working the Historical Tour of Homes. So I ignored the coughing and told myself I could collapse on Monday. Which I did.

I figured it's just another case of sinusitis. Then I got to thinking, this is the 5th time this year! Something is wrong with this picture. So I went to my twitter account and looked up the times I talked about being sick with sinusitis. 5 times. And all 5 times I had been physically working in the Old Stone House.

You can read about my passion for the old stone house at Suffice to say, I spend a lot of volunteer hours on the project. That includes cleaning and working inside the house. Which is old, and has mold in it. Apparently, I'm allergic to mold. It acts like sinusitis on me - post nasal drip, serious cough and major tiredness.

If I had been paying attention, I would have noticed this much earlier. I was more concerned with burning the candle at both ends and not noticing that my own health was suffering. I'm still volunteering at the old stone house -- I'm just not doing it inside the house! It's ironic - my business involves showing people how to remove toxins from their environment.

The great news is, this experience with my health has taught me to look at ALL the clues - and to teach others to do the same.

How's your health?

Thanks for the read! Take a tour of the green home - see where you can make your home safer too.
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