Saturday, December 5, 2009

Have Some Fun with It

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Jon started it first. He suggested December could be the precursor to 2010 and a jumping off point. An extra month in 2010. I thought that was a great idea and called it month 0 of 2010.

Then Jon, in his wisdom, got it that people were freaking out because here we are on day 4 and haven't done a thing! Will the month go by and we've done nothing? Deep breath. Another deep breath. Not what this month is all about. All you type A's out there -- s l o w d o w n.

I'm super excited to know that I have this extra month to dream, think, plan and try something out. It doesn't work? Who cares! It's the trial month.

Just today I talked to Susan Murphy (@suzemuse) who is involved with TedX in Ottawa Canada this weekend. HOW COOL!!! Ted, ideas worth spreading, and she is doing the Tedx.

Allan Isfan, @isfan, who wrote their proposal to Ted, has agreed to mentor me in planning a Tedx in my neck of the woods. We will talk more in January. See where it goes.

I told you it was a time to dream, to plan. Get excited. Stop worrying. Have some serious fun with it.

Month 0 of 2010. What are you dreaming about?

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