Thursday, December 24, 2009

All Alone on Christmas Day

This Christmas I'm spending alone.

My hubby and kids and grandkids are in Chicago, I did see them last week. My parents, brother and family and nieces and kids are all at their own homes. We are all iced and snowed in.

I'm EXCITED about spending Christmas alone!

I'll cook and eat what I want. I'm thinking taco surprise is on the menu. I might make green beans and some mashed potatoes too. For breakfast.

I'll get my own presents. I'll be shopping online tomorrow. Why? Because I can.

I'll take some pictures of the foot of snow we are supposed to have. I'll make a snow angel. I might even create my own labyrinth. I will dress up in my Christmas finery and take my own picture.

I'll continue to plan the conference I'm hosting this year. I'll work on plans for 2010. I'll work, my work. Now that's fun!

No, the plans were not to be alone. The weather is interjecting a major storm and the smart thing to do is stay home. This is the year (month zero of 2010 right now) to revel in the goodness in life. The year to step into greatness. So Christmas Day, I'll think of baby Jesus and be thankful. I'll be great.

What will you be doing?

picture taken by me last Christmas, my great nephew shoveling snow


queenoftheclick said...

The title made me sad, but then I just loved reading your post because you are having a day to yourself. For all the days and years you spent making the holiday right for everyone, it's nice that you are able to take some time for yourself tomorrow. Merry Christmas to my idol :)

Deb Brown said...

Thanks for stopping by. I really am looking forward to the day -- what are you doing for yourself tomorrow?

Independent Watkins Associate Denise said...

I'm not sad either, there will be a better day. I am doing whatever I want tomorrow, might stay in bed longer, might wear my PJ's longer than normal, eat when I want & yes mashed potatoes sound good for breakfast. Enjoy!

Deb Brown said...

Well you just call me and we will laugh over the phone, maybe even sing outloud!
Merry Christmas,

Todd Jordan - tojosan said...

Wonderfully thoughtful post.
Thanks for being so open and honest yet cheerful.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Merry Christmas.
Todd, @tojosan

Deb Brown said...

Merry Christmas Todd!

Just talked to the little kids in the family - and they are so excited! Their energy radiates right over the phone lines.

I'm reveling in the goodness .. and it's wonderful.