Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why not just do it?

The day started out with Forces of Nature. Now it's Jerry Maguire. The sun is shining, the corn is drying out. We got an extra hour of sleep.

I have some choices to make.

Church? Easy enough, yes I'm going. Work this afternoon? Another yes. Calendar for the week for the paper, thank you letters for donations, another blog post.

I have a big project that I am having trouble facing. I find plenty of busy work to avoid it. I've been thinking - why do I do that?

1. It's a thinking project and requires correct timing for all the work. Trying to get it organized in my head.

2. It could affect my entire future. If it is amazing, it's a springboard to other great projects. It's got to be perfect.

3. Finally, what if it is not? Perfect. What if I'm a failure at it? Why not just be a failure now - and be able to blame extenuating circumstances?

So of course number 3 is the biggie. I can handle 1 and 2. How often do we NOT do something because we are afraid we might fail?

Today - I'll work on the project. With joy. If it's great - yahoo! If it's not - I know that I stepped out, did my best, put my heart and soul in it ... and I enjoyed the process.

Fear - you can leave the room now. I'm that good and fear does not need to be in the equation. So there.

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Deb Keller said...

My favorite quote and motto: Don't dream it, be it.

Deb Brown said...

Thanks Deb - that is a great quote!