Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cleaning by Leafblower

This week we are getting the Old Stone House ready for the Historical Tour of Homes.

That means cleaning it inside. Normally, a group of ten to twenty ladies from the Historical Society show up with buckets, rags, shop vacs and loads of energy. We usually clean it every spring when it's a little warmer. The bugs come in when it starts to get colder and die off in the winter. It's ready for a good cleaning by spring.

This year we had two days notice and three of us showed up. All with our heads covered, rags and buckets in hand. We also brought the new shop vac.

Jeff had a better idea. He proposed we use the Stihl leafblower and just blow out the bugs and dirt. NO NO NO!!!! We decided there were too many bugs! Instead, he used the industrial leaf blower (still a Stihl) to pick up the piles of bugs Keri and I swept. That worked very well.

Still, the Stihl wanted a better workout. Jeff was itching to try it out. And frankly, I wondered what would happen? There were still some bugs in the rugs. Dust everywhere (we re-pointed the exterior this fall and it created a ton of dust). What did we have to lose? Either way we had to clean it.

So we went ahead and did. (if you can't see the video below, try this link)

It worked!

Now - if you're in the area, buy a ticket for the Historical Tour and come see the fruits of our labor!

(This is not a sponsored post for Stihl. We used a Stihl leafblower. Did we wonder if they have a foundation that supports learning for children, or restoration of historical sites? You betcha.)

Thanks for the read! Take a tour of the green home - see where you can make your home safer too.

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