Monday, November 23, 2009

Life Gets in the Way

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My company has a different promotion each month. It's a great way to motivate you to conduct business from home in a bigger way. Often the promotions are for those of us building a business, but also for the customer.

This month - I did not pursue the promotion. It was a month filled with parents with huge medical dilemmas, a farm sale, new clients at my other business and well, life.

What I did not do: Completely stop my business and allow life to make me nuts.

What I did do was: make sure my team had all the updates and supported them in pursuing the promotion, stayed involved with the team calls each week, kept my business partners informed of what was going on in my life. Because I've learned the basics and work my business around my life, I even enrolled a new team member this month!

I have no guilt over stepping back into a part time position this month. I've learned how to do the day to day right around my schedule. I made a decision based on the events occurring at the time. I stepped down my plan for this month. I was still accountable.

Learn the basics so they become rote
Have a plan and work the plan
Make a decision - step it up or step it down
Be accountable and keep your team accountable

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