Monday, November 9, 2009

What if today was a conference?

What if you treated one day a week like a conference? Jon Swanson (he of and fame) gave me that idea.

At conferences, you go to break out sessions, you talk to people in the hallways, you get a keynote speaker over lunch, you go for drinks and/or dinner at night. Laptops are brought to take notes on, your camera to take pictures, your phone to take more pics and record things. You leave feeling energized, ready to tackle the world and with new friends.

Today I had three breakout sessions. I attended a email newsletter writing seminar first, then worked with a group of people to plan an annual dinner. In the afternoon, I taught a press release writing seminar. In the hallways I met an old friend and we practiced dancing to Michael Jackson songs (saw the movie this weekend). Dinner was just a cup of coffee with two friends where we planned an event to happen next year!

Did that all happen? Yes it did. I worked on email newsletters, planned an annual dinner, taught someone how to write press releases, did some dancing and planned an event for next year.

Was it a conference? I don't know, you tell me!

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