Saturday, November 21, 2009

Farm Sale Today

Today my folks are selling 61 acres of the family farm. It's 31 tillable acres, 28 CRP acres and the rest is timber. If you look at this picture, the land is behind the tree line is being sold.

The folks will pay off some bills, including medical bills of dads, pay off a loan and put the rest into cd's that will generate some interest for them. It will make a big difference in their monthly income. Dad will still fall into the donut hole each year, but maybe they won't be broke by the 20th of each month.

It's being sold for all the right reasons.
There's still about 60 acres left. I live on this farm - and the picture is the view from my office window. Yet, I still mourn. This was where I lived the first 5 years of my life and then my grandparents lived here. I ran and played in the those fields. I have favorite trees in the timber. My grandpa and I would drive to the top of the field and sit on the truck and see for miles. He'd say "Deby, one day this will be yours."

Grandpa knew I'd go off into the big world and become a writer. He encouraged me to read and write all the time. He also knew I'd come home one day.

I'm not going to farm those acres. I am going to miss them.

My friend the preacher said I needed to mourn the loss. I think I am.


Becky McCray said...

Land issues are incredibly hard.

A member of my husband's family promised him ground, but sold it instead, with far less reason.

My family had no ground of our own. It was all gone long before I got here.

Do mourn. It's a real loss.

Deb said...

So, is the cemetary included with that? And the site of the old schoolhouse?

And yes, even though you don't plan to farm it, it is a loss. There's something about owning land, not just a plot big enough for a house, that really means something deep inside.

Old Stone House - 1854 said...

Becky -
The land stays with us and travels for generations. It was such a huge accomplishment for my immigrant grandparents to buy the land - and a hole will be in my heart from selling it. We are mourning. Thank you for your kinds words.

Deb- The cemetery and rock for the schoolhouse had been deeded to Reeve township. My family has cared for them since we bought the farm - and will continue to do so. Its hard to put into words the feeling a person gets from owning land and how we pass that on to our children. Thank you for thinking of me.