Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hollydazzle Historical Tour of Homes

Do you remember as a kid driving around and looking at homes? Back in the 60's my folks would pile us into the car and we'd go for a ride. We'd drive by homes and maybe we knew them - so mom would tell us the story of the family. Maybe we didn't know them, and we'd make up our own stories! Once and awhile we'd stop and visit. Usually though, we would just drive around looking.

What if you could get on a bus, go visit 5 historical homes, get a full tour of each home, ask all the questions you want, eat and drink and maybe even have a glass of wine when it's all over?

Now you can.

Welcome to the Hollydazzle Historical Tour of Homes. We will be touring the Blum/Boehmler House in Hampton, The Harriman Nielsen House on the West edge of Hampton, Country Heritage Bed and Breakfast five miles West of Hampton, The Old Stone House on the way to Geneva and ending at Townsend Winery in Hansell. You will learn the history of each home, be able to ask all the questions you want, enjoy a light repast at several homes and receive a wine tasting at the Winery.

December 5: one to four p.m. or December 6: three to six p.m.

meet the bus by the park across from the Post Office. Or you can drive yourself if you like.

everyone is invited! There is a charge of $15 in advance or $20 the day of. Tickets can be purchased at the speciality shops downtown, the banks, at Center 1 or simply call Deb at 641-458-1114 and she'll arrange one to be sent to you! There will be a widget very soon at

This is a fundraiser with proceeds to be divided between the Old Stone House and the Harriman Neilsen House - both properties of the Franklin County Historical Society.

Can't come? Why not give a loved one a ticket for an early Christmas gift? Or purchase a ticket and let's us share it with a resident of one of the nursing homes?

Please come - you're supporting the Franklin County Historical Society and you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy a few of the county's historical homes!

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