Monday, October 12, 2009

Ugly Pursetacular

You sent out an invitation. You posted it on facebook and twitter. You put it in the paper. You called a few friends.

Ugly Pursetacular - Relive the 70's

What the ..... ?

Saturday we all met at 2 pm at Center One. Got a flower necklace and an ugly purse. Our assignment was to visit every store that was on the necklace and get a tag for each store to add to the necklace.
In the purse was a bunch of junk. I'm not kidding - a bunch of junk. I had a 1/2 empty bottle of lotion, a paper clip, a real old coin purse. There was also coupons from each store and a playing card. We had to play progressive poker - we got a card at each store. At the end of the night prizes were given for the best hand. There were also prizes given for the things in your purse.

We shopped at the stores all afternoon - Wood Cellar, Orange Possum, Cornerstone Cottage, Fireside Gifts, Christensen's Jewelry and merry bees. We stopped at merry bee's, had a wine tasting and drank coffee and listened to live music.
We headed over to Coconuts Lounge around 7 and started making purses! With paper and flowers and glue and beads and junk. Prizes were given for the best purses. A lady from Toastmasters spoke and told some funny stories (did you know if you have a stroke, you can't stand on one foot?). We drank strawberry daquiries.

We shopped, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we had a good time. We were local gals - and happy to do our part to support our community.
You can find videos of the day at
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