Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 Things a Good Network Marketer Will Do

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There are three things a good network marketing business will require you to do.
1. Personally enroll customers.
2. Develop leadership.
3. Have a product focused business.

When you first start your business, you talk to your friends and family - and ask them to be customers. The day comes (if you are lucky-soon) when you have to branch out and start talking to people you don't know. How do you find them? Here's three ideas:
  • think about going to financial services seminars. The best one I can think of is where they want you to look at their insurance plan, 401k investment plan, how to prepare for retirement - those kind of seminars. Generally there are 10-50 people there looking to better take care of their money. Isn't that the kind of customer you want? Go, learn something and meet new people.
  • target people who are already working from home. Don't hesitate to give them a call, let them know you have a home based business and it just might be worthwhile to sit down together and see what each of you might have to offer!
  • ask for referrals. I call my customers and ask them if they know anyone who is looking to earn additional income. The holidays are coming, who couldn't use some extra shopping money? Or do they know someone who'd like to get safer, better, green products in their home? You'd be surprised how often I get referrals.

A good leader wants to show someone else how to be a good leader. The strongest thing you can do for yourself is to work on your own development. Read, practice, engage. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The Go Giver by Bob Burg. Dare to Dream and Work to Win by Dr. Tom Barrett. Encourage your potential leaders to do the same. Work with your team and always remember WHAT YOU DO, YOUR TEAM WILL DO. So if you complain, your team complains. If you grow, they grow.

I am blessed to work with a green company that has the best products on the market. How do I know that? I USE THEM. I can talk about the products because I have them in my home. It's a simple concept - but you'd be surprised how many people think they can get by without using the products. That's just a big 'duh' in my book!

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