Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change and Blogging

Today is Blog Action Day. It's a group writing project and you can find the original request for blog posts here. The topic is How do your interests connect to Climate Change?

First a little background and some reading on the subject of climate change.

The first assumption is that there is a thing called Climate Change. It's a volatile subject, still. Even the United States Chamber of Commerce has gotten involved. Their basic premise is that if we are going to have climate change legislation, don't shut down businesses that already exist because of some laws. (Serious paraphrasing there, you can read their basic premise here.)

Then there are the ebb and flow people. That's the group that believes the earth is always changing and things will ebb and flow accordingly. Sure the weather is wacky, but what is wacky anyway? Who determines that? Here's a link to a group that believes carbon dioxide is a good thing.

I am on the other side of the conversation - I believe in climate change, I believe man creates it and we are doing irreversible harm to our planet. PZ Meyers, a biologist and associate professor in Minnesota had this to say. He was responding to Mario Molina, a professor at University of California - and Nobel Prize winning chemist. Scripps Institution of Oceanography talks about some delaying tactics we could employ right now. I am in alignment with the Nature Conservancy. Their position can be found here.

How do my interests tie into climate change?

I am an executive with a green company that manufactures products that are safer for our environment. I am happy to be associated with them. They manufacture their products here in the United States. (I lived in North Carolina and saw the drawbacks of moving companies overseas - unemployment was rampant.) They teach us how to use natural ingredients to make safer products for our bodies and our homes. I talk about green every day. It's my job.

Whatever side of the conversation you are on - you can take the position that it's just smart to do your part to preserve our planet.
  • recycle - why not reuse? Couldn't someone benefit from your throwaways? Real Simple has this great link on how to recycle anything! There's even a national crayon recycle program.
  • go green - leave it to the treehuggers to tell you how. Check out this link. Many things from green beer to green funerals.
  • get green products in your home -- and that's where I come in. It's my job to show you some simple things you can do to remove toxins from your home. Why not take the healthy home tour and see where you have toxic products? If you're interested, just fill out the form - and we can have a conversation!

How do your interests connect to Climate Change?

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