Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Social Media in the Everyday

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Today I was mind mapping at work. I'd be willing to bet you do it every day too - you just don't know it. The old terminology is 'multi tasking'.

Here's how the day went.

I took one event, tied it to facebook and set up the story, added some pictures from flickr (last years event) and promised more info to come.

Next I went to twitter, set up some tweets to build the suspense.

Then wrote the press release for the local paper, which will get printed about one week after the build up begins on face book.

Called the radio station, booked 5 minutes for an interview 2 days after the paper comes out.

I crossed over to linked in, did a search for people who might want to come to my event, sent a few messages - and answered a few back.

I jumped back into Publisher, created a really cool update newsletter to go to all the members letting them know that they can be FIRST in line, special seating - because they are members.

Took a minute after that to design the tickets that go on sale next week at the other local event in town. That is they go on sale, AFTER the members get to buy theirs.

I set up the email in ACT! to be sent at 5 a.m. and oh yeah, added a reminder to the members to mark off their calendar for the event in December.

Back to twitter to search for more people that really would be perfect for the event - and shared some info about other cool things I found during the day. Then I gently reminded them they don't want to miss this event. Put out my facebook link for people to follow if they want.

Back to facebook to add some friends, share a link or two - give out the price of the tickets and pre-sold four.

Went to the website, added a widget for people to pay for their tickets online. Checked the links while I was there to ensure no bad ones, answered a few comments over on the blog.

Drank some coffee, took a break. A little deep breathing - and realized, I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER.
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Independent Watkins Associate Denise said...

So what is this about and when is it all and I didn't get an invitation! Would love to know more please.

Deb Brown said...

it's coming! The Historical Tour of Homes is one of them -- more info to follow next week. Thanks for asking though -- sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it?