Monday, October 26, 2009

4 Tips from the Nametag Guy

Scott Ginsburg, the Nametag Guy vowed to wear a nametag, everyday, 24/7. I saw the tattoo. I also heard Scott speak at the Iowa Tourism Conference and took away some great notes.

You can find him at He believes leverage is a simple idea and approachability becomes profitability.

If you don’t make a name for yourself, someone else will.

Approachability is a function of spreadability. is a perfect example of spreadability. We need to learn to create an environment in which spreadability is most likely to occur.

1. Sticky is for suckers – sticky doesn’t mean viable.
Learn to surrender some control so others can take your ideas into their hands and spread the idea

2. Make the mundane memorable. What does the sign outside of your business say? Add a quote or a saying – encourage people to read your sign! Nobody notices normal anymore. Nobody pays for boring or average. Position your offer differently.

3. Unspreadable is the enemy.
Spreadability is only available with high quality ingredients. Your message must be supported with substance.

4. Find your noticiability.
What can you use to quantify your uniqueness?


Consistency is far better than moments of greatness.” Scott Ginsberg

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