Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Passion in Business

I've been thinking about passion. And business.

At first, they seem counterintuitive. I mean, I don't see business owners dancing around with a rose between their teeth. Isn't that what we think of when we think of passion?
I have a better way to think about passion in my business. What gets me up every morning excited to go to work? Why do I love what I do? What keeps me going through the part of my work I don't love so much? What gets me to pick up the phone when I'm nervous to call someone?

I am partnered with a company that encourages a flexible schedule - they believe family and God should be your first priority. They also encourage us to work with each other and to have fun. I've learned new skills to operate my business -and I love what I've learned! Social media for this middle aged woman has changed my life. My company encouraged me to always be learning.
And I'm making a real difference. I am helping the average, every day consumer like you and me become sustainable and green. I'm teaching people how to earn extra income based on how hard they work.
Can you say that? Does your job fulfill you?

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