Friday, March 13, 2009

Project Friday: Part of Balance

It's Friday.  It's going to be warm today.  Let's deviate from the main path.  I want to talk about some other projects I'm working on!

1.  I volunteer for and sit on the board of the Franklin County Historical Society.  The Old Stone House was built in 1854 and we are currently working n getting grants to bring the building up to speed.  We are also pursuing an opportunity with a state agency who is giving away $75,000 worth of PR!   If you've got any ideas on fundraising, I'm very open to them.  Let me know!  

2.  I own it, now what am I going to do with it?  It's been a running joke with my youngest brother and I.  We will call each other and say "need a little advice?" - and then proceed to give some!  

3. I'm becoming more and more involved with people who care.  It's a nice change and I'm learning so much!  Through my job I have an opportunity to help non-profits create an ongoing fundraiser.  Interested?  Take a look!

4.  I'm going and here's the exciting part -- I'm being sponsored by local businesses!  I figure it will take about $1,000 for the trip (admission and hotel).  Pat Palmer The Computer Guy and Judy from Townsend Winery are on the line so far.   I'll bring back a business plan for your company on how to utilize a blog and create revenue from it.  I won't be doing more than 4 businesses (at $250 each for sponsorship) - contact me if you are interested.  Let's talk! 

5. Writing a last wishes document with my folks.  This sounds sad, doesn't it?  I suppose it is a little.  But it is also very freeing - they don't have to worry that we won't do it right!  We don't have to worry we won't know what to do.  As executor, oldest daughter and smartest child (smile), I get to do these kind of things.  Yesterday we bought a lawnmower - but that's another story.....

the picture attached is of my mom and her best friend Pat ... one day I'll tell that story too.


Kathryn said...

You are really moving along with sooo many thing - that's so admirable Deb. Thanks for sharing this. I like the last wishes document. I imagine, in a way, that was a really nice time spent together.

Deb Brown said...

Thanks Kathryn,
Our last wishes document has become a process - it's made my folks think about what they really want -- and allowed me to hear so many more memories!

D McConnell said...

Are you doing anything with Cause I could use some. :) And thank you for my latest blog post idea.

Deb Brown said...

Ms. McConnell -
I'm going to be working as an armchair athlete for I was thinking I could track my training and thoughts at It might just end up being a project site! Thanks for the comment - now I'm off to read your blog!