Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Build It and They Will Come

I'm looking for this kind of conference to attend:
  • In January and someplace warm - I'm thinking Sante Fe
  • I can bring my family and they can play while I work
  • as a matter of fact, I can take family breaks and play with them
  • there's a pool and great restaurants
  • a little sight seeing
  • I can be with other conference attendees who want to do what I want to do
  • say I have a project I can't get completed, I'd like to work on it
  • there's no line of people giving lectures
  • there's no set schedule really, just a braintrust of people doing their own projects
  • all the attendees are as smart as me (or preferrably smarter)
  • I have fun, get a lot of projects off the ground AND get to be with my family
  • the cost for the conference is not $1000, it's maybe only $100, maybe less

There's no conference like that. Yet.

We're working on it. You interested?

picture courtesy of davidw at flickr.com


Susan Murphy said...

Yes!!!! I'd suggest have it here in Ottawa, but we ain't too hospitable in January. :)

Tell me more! I'm intrigued.

Deb Brown said...

SuzeMuse! Glad to see you for a visit. Let's talk more about this unconference - I'll DM you . I think you'd be a perfect candidate.