Saturday, May 30, 2009

More than just a cup of coffee

My friend Jon always has a cuppa in the morning.  Suze was freaking out because she thought she was out of coffee.  I NEVER  run out of coffee in the morning.  Like any good junkie, I have it stashed all over the house.  

So I decided I'd take this picture and send it over the twitter lines so Jon and Suze and I can share a virtual cup of coffee.

This picture is a microcosm of my life.  How is that?

Penguin Classics mousepad -- I'm an avid reader and huge penguin fan.  I even have a penguin tattoo.  

Coffee cup -- at least one cuppa day.  It's summer time and we are switching to frappes.  See the recipe for that here.   

Quarterly Coffee flyer -- just joined the local Chamber of Commerce and already we have a meet and greet!

Real Choices sticky pad -- I teach a few classes at Iowa Valley Continuing Education, and they do provide real choices.  

Rustic Touch -- only the best furniture cleaner/polisher/conditioner in the world.  One of the many non-toxic products we use in our house.  Click here to take the toxic house tour. 

Pen and pencil holder with a baby picture -- nope, no relation.  Just a great picture of baby whose last name happens to be Brown.  Franklin County Historical Society has a box with old pictures they can't identify.  You can take any number of the pics you want.  I saw this baby and decided she should come home with me.  

Telephone -- speaker phone has saved my neck.  I no longer have to try to hear through headsets, or crook my neck to hold the handset.  Bought locally. 

I find that we surround ourselves with the people and things we need.  What little touches are within your reach?  

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