Sunday, April 12, 2009

Link Love: What's In Your Favorites?

What are you reading?  It's a great suggestion to share what you read with your readers.  Let's call it Link Love.  Here's some cool stuff I've tripped over...........

Amazon gets their comeuppance:  I've been preaching for months SHOP YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT BOOKSELLER - here's a few reasons why. 

Every little bit helps:  feng shui never hurt anyone - can it help you? 

All things Brautigan: possibly one of the best poets around - esoteric, 60's kind of guy

We need your help: Train for Humanity, and I'm one of the athletes (stop laughing) 

50 Things:  Everyone should know how to do 

How Safe Is Your Home?: read this, call me

Boots 'n All:  Coolest Travel Site Out There

Comfort Queen: Jennifer Louden runs a great site

Now tell me, what are you reading? 

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Lorraine Ball said...

I always read Seth Godin, his blogs, his books, I guess I am a bit of a Seth junkie.

I read lots of tech stuff for clients and it is all starting to sound the same, so I am really enjoying the 31 DBB because I am getting a chance to read so many different blogs

Love the photos on yours!

Deb Brown said...

Thanks for the visit and I too am a Seth junkie. Tribes is a powerful book for a network marketer like me.
Most of the photos come from the creative commons attribute license over at Anyone can use them. I love that!