Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twitter Flute Players

Why are flute players better?

We know how to hold our breath for a long time.

We know how to wait for the right time to make an entrance.

We know practice really does make perfect.

We know to get to point Z you start at point A.

We listen better.

We are more patient and disciplined.

We know how to work as a team.

Twitter flute players include:

@audiophilia Anthony Kershaw

@ambercadabra Amber Naslund

@jennfowler Jenn Fowler

@lynnae Lynnae McCoy

@debworks Deb Brown

@mommaven Cindy

Any other flute players out there?

flute photo from dailyinvention at 


Deb Brown said...

@rachelreuben How could I forget her?

Becky McCray said...

Me! Me!

Becky McCray said...

No, really, I am a flute/piccolo player! Here's a pic from a college alumni event.

I'm @beckymccray Becky McCray or

Deb said...

Wow - Becky McCray! of course you play the flute - all of the above characteristics fit you to a tee! Love the pic!